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A Black Review

This blog is about giving back and giving a unique perspective on the World of Gaming. That said, in the real-world I’ve run campaigns, games, written a few articles, play-tested and organized groups all in the spirit of Paying It Forward.

To date, I haven’t seen a Game Review site that matches the mentality and perspective that I and Gamer’s like myself have to offer. To that end, I’d like to throw my hat into the ring as a reviewer of independent games in review and play-test.

I can’t offer super awesome production values, or a Long History of why I would be an awesome reviewer– what I can promise are genuine independent and unique reviews, made by a Gamer who has a wide range of experience with table-tops, board games and role-playing games.  I can also guarantee that turn-around and proprietary works will remain as confidential or public as a requester likes.

If you want to see my Gamer credentials, check out my Meetup— and send me your drafts, your Alpha’s, Beta’s and Gamma’s, I’d love to review them and give you some feedback!

2014-04-06 14.46.44Contact me at:

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