Classical Classes: The (Native American) Druid: Compendium

One of the most often played classes of the Dungeons & Dragons pantheon is the Druid. Based upon the historical priests of the same name from Celtish antiquity, the beliefs and practices of these real-world members of this ancient Order of mystics share a great many similarities with other tribalistic societies throughout the ages.Native American … Continue reading Classical Classes: The (Native American) Druid: Compendium

RPG Talk: Wizards Landscape

At Wizards of the Coast, publishers of the oldest role-playing game around, the open window for submissions to their online magazines Dragon and Dungeon has just closed. But for aspiring writers, another opportunity is about to get fully underway in the shadow of the veteran gaming company. This chance lies with a small satellite group overseen by the business and tasked … Continue reading RPG Talk: Wizards Landscape

RPG Publisher Spotlight: LPJ Design

Since 2001 the online clearinghouse DriveThruRPG has been providing downloadable content by publishers producing material for a  bevy of genres suitable for all types of games and Gamers. Perhaps one of the most prolific of these publishers is the independent gaming company, LPJ Design, short for Louis Porter Jr. Designwho has carved out a niche for himself by … Continue reading RPG Publisher Spotlight: LPJ Design

Steam-Punk: A Difference Perspective

For over a year now I've organized a weekly Dungeons & Dragons Campaign set in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting. One of the story arcs in this year-plus campaign has involved the group journeying through the Astral Sea, a combination of the players' desire to role-play pirate personas and my own predilection towards a fantastic-fantasy … Continue reading Steam-Punk: A Difference Perspective