The NYC Arcade – A Sheep’s Meow Production

One can only imagine the amount of overlap among participants of table-top gaming and video gaming that exists. With the exception of big-box events like PAX and, well PAX, most cons and events are fairly delineated between analog and digital gaming. Enter NYC Arcade-- the birthchild of three (or two?) local New York game designers … Continue reading The NYC Arcade – A Sheep’s Meow Production

Mini-Con:Dreamnation 2013

  In New Jersey this weekend the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center will be host to the eighteenth annual DREAMNATION; a large gathering of Gamers from throughout the Northeast and beyond. The Convention will have over 700 events for all manner of table-top, board-game, collectible card game, anime, war-game, video-game and Live-action style activities that will appeal … Continue reading Mini-Con:Dreamnation 2013

NerdNYC – The First 2013 RECESS!

Billing itself as a nonprofit social club, NerdNYC is a gaming meet-up group in New York City’s urban landscape dedicated to playing and making friends. They’ve been operating since 2003 and offer a welcoming community to new Gamers in town and long time residents. Three times a year (at least) they put on RECESS’s; all-day … Continue reading NerdNYC – The First 2013 RECESS!