Anonycon 2014 Wrap-up & An Interview with a Volunteer

These days Gaming conventions are clearly something of a cottage industry. Hardly a week goes by where I don't hear about a new con kicking-off somewhere nearby (who would have guessed those plastic ponies I grew up with in the '80's would become such a cult among middle-aged males in the early 21st Century?). But … Continue reading Anonycon 2014 Wrap-up & An Interview with a Volunteer

Beyond the Con – DexCon 17

Maybe it’s the because the arguably most well-known Table-top/Role-playing convention in the North-East falls on the July 4 weekend, the country’s Independence Day, but my recent trek out to Jersey for this years Dexcon brought with it a strange but welcome moment of reflection about the landscape beyond the Convention itself. First, DexCon 17 was … Continue reading Beyond the Con – DexCon 17