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Game Design! – 54 Card Challenge

Image Copyright: Dice Hate Me Games

Image Copyright:
Dice Hate Me Games

If you’re anything like me and the idea of contributing to the world of Gaming leaves you feeling all a-glow, this December is your chance!

Dice-Hate-Me Games, the one man company from Chris Kirkman, in connection with UnPub, the nascent play-testing organization by John Moller, has announced a joint contest where Gamers the world over have the opportunity to test their mettle in the ring of Game Card design.

Applicants in the contest are asked to design a 54-card game that has a minimum of other bells and whistles and submit their one page (front & back) ideas directly to Kirkman himself. Dice Hate Me, a company I am familiar with by way of their enjoyable game Carnival, has the full details of the contest listed on their website here.

Image Copyright: \br Dice Hate Me Games\br One of DhM Games enjoyable set-building games.

Image Copyright:
Dice Hate Me Games
One of DHM Games enjoyable set-building games.

So why not reve up your creative juices, break out some pens and paper, gather a bunch of friends and,

Game Forth!

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Wizards of the Coast Submissions – Dragon & Dungeon Magazines


Copyright: Wizards of the Coast

With Spring in the air and the exuberance of the season revving up you might want to take the time to do more than simply cleaning out your closet and planning a vacation or two. You might in fact want to add some more to your already busy schedule and decide to compete for the chance to publish yourself in one of Wizards of the Coast‘s online magazines Dragon and Dungeon.

Twice a year, Wizards opens its electronic doors and accepts submissions for its Role-playing magazines to hopeful authors during two submission windows, the current one runs from April 1st to May 31st. First going to print in the groovy decade of the ’70’s, Dragon which was originally called The Dragon and it’s kid sister publication Dungeon, that was launched in the less groovy ’80’s focus on player and GM material in running Dungeons & Dragon’s scenarios and campaigns. It’s an excellent opportunity to get yourself critiqued by Editors of the company as they, in my experience, give actual and helpful feedback.

With the chance to grace the online pages alongside the likes of Greenwood, Baker and Perkins, the possibility of getting your name out there and part of the Canon of the original, if morphed company that started it all is a heady possibility indeed. And if you’ve got the idea and the dedication to see it through don’t forget to make a post of it, like Will Doyle, whose Glitterdust Adventure, premiered in the February 2013 issue of Dungeon. So if there’s any doubt, dreams, especially pixie dreams do indeed come true!

So when you get a chance, put those creative Spring-time impulses to work, grab your laptop, notebook or graph paper, write, submit and

Game Forth!

If you’ve got any submission stories for Wizards I’d love to hear about them, or link to them!

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RPG Superstar 2013! Paizo Writing Contest

Image Copyright: Paizo

If you’re like me, and the thought of bringing your ideas to a role-playing universe that is read and played by thousands of gamers the world over appeals to you, then this year’s RPG Superstar 2013! run by Paizo, the creators of the Pathfinder game,  gives you just such a chance.

For the past five years, the fledgling role-playing company has been scouting out the terrain of would-be designers through their RPG Superstar contest. It is an opportunity for hopeful amateur authors, and Paizo fans to compete head-to-head, and gain immediate feedback on their ideas and allow them direct access to the developers at Paizo.

Paizo is notorious in the role-playing community for these types of fan interactions, a fact that seems to produce rabid loyalty.  Through their Message Boards,  trolled by devout Paizites, or at their self-stylized Paizo-con, or through their close affiliation with indie-mag’s like the recently shut-down Kobold Quarterly, and their endorsement of fan-created content like Wayfinder, Paizo has done a great deal of positioning themselves as the fan-centric roleplaying alternative to Wizards of the Coast.

It is no small wonder then that this year’s RPG Superstar 2013! Contest is quoted as having the highest number of entrants yet. It’s a fact sure to bring in even more players and a great way to test your chops at game design. This year’s contest is being judged by veterans of the gaming industry, including Wolfgang Baur, Editor-in-chief of Kobold Quarterly, Sean K. Reynolds, a major contributor to role-playing games since Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition as well as a Paizo developer, and Clark Peterson, co-founder of the prolific Necromancer Games. Guest judges will also weigh in on entries which will consist of five rounds of design challenges where entrants are whittled down to a single champion who will be given the opportunity to write their very own Paizo Adventure Module, which is a mini-campaign booklet.

The twist this year is that the first round is largely going to be decided by Paizo fans, as the initial entries for the first challenge, designing a magical item, will be voted on by the public at large through Paizo’s website. Once again, Paizo is opening its doors to fan participation much more intimately than most. And since the voting has begun, speculation about voting numbers, repeat viewing and quality of entrants has already sprung up a plethora of threads and discussion on the Paizo boards.

As a competitor this year, my first I might add, I’m now one of these fans, voting for others like myself who’ve submitted their ideas for a chance at becoming a part of the Pathfinder universe. My own item is up for comparison on the Paizo servers, and I look forward to contributing to the selection process, and hopefully making it to Round 2!

If you’ve got some free time, head over to and cast your vote!

Game Forth!

Check out the entire collection of published Pathfinder Rules Online for Free!

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