About the Black Coyotl

Hey, thanks for visiting my little corner of the Netverse.

I am a Gamer through and through and I hope to bring some variety to the Gaming community, as well as a different voice and viewpoint. I’m from the Great Big Apple, New York City! I am into all types of Table-top Gaming, with a love and focus on Role-playing Games in particular.

I run a weekly gaming group set in the Forgotten Realms Setting, host sporadic 4E, Pathfinder and board-game events in the City and have gotten some Adventures, Articles and Items published in the Gaming World and I am always on the look-out for new and cooler opportunities to do so. (Check out my Living Forgotten Realms Gaming Module Here!)

This blog will be focused on the Gaming World, with an emphasis on my own experiences in it, but I look forward to bringing news, events and gatherings in the Gaming world, along with some opinionated bloviating here and there!

“a crazy man, a young man of very bad influence, and in fact a nobody.”

Check out my latest creations on DMSGuild Here.




1: The Establishment only allows (and sometimes even encourages) certain types of people to challenge or critique the status-quo. I am not one of those types. You’ve been forewarned. 


2 thoughts on “About the Black Coyotl

  1. Howdy,

    My name is Rob Eric, and I am one of the six Executive Producers of The Quest on ABC. I really liked your review of The Quest and would love to talk further about it if you are interested in speaking. I can be reached at either [MASKED] or at my office at [MASKED].

    Rob Eric

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