Lasers & Feelings

At a recent pick-up game I was introduced to a one-page RPG system called lasers & feelings. Its a quirky Star Trek themed rpg, the rules of which are all contained on a single page.

There is literally only a single stat, the game simply refers to as a number. Players get to choose this number, from 2 to 5, where a high number represents your character is good at lasers and a low number meaning your character is good at feelings. The entire game revolves around rolls above or below this single number and coinciding with whether the action is a scientific or reason-based action (i.e. something “laser“-focused) or an action deemed charged with pathos (i.e. something “feeling” based).

It’s a quirky, simple system that has an interesting hook– if you roll your number exactly, you have LASER FEELINGS and you get to ask the GM a question, any question, that they must answer honestly. As was explained to me at the table, these questions could be ‘anything’ including personal questions of the GM, although this hardly seems like part of the rules.

If you’re looking for a simple system to introduce folks into the world of rpgs, you might give it a go: its available for free online.


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