Game Review : Hunter’s Guild

A card-game modeled after your typical Vampire-slayer mindset, Robb De Nicola’s successfully funded KickStarter Hunter’s Guild pits players against one-another in a race to compete and be the first to take down one of those pesky sun-deprived, eternally manic, blood-drinking fiends that stalk your neighborhood mischievously throughout the night. You know– your in-laws. Mildly competitive… Read More Game Review : Hunter’s Guild

Independent Game Designer Spotlight & Interview: Tom Tiernan

For the seventeenth year in a row, Double Exposure hosted  DexCon, what many consider the premier table-top, role-playing and LARP convention in the North East this past July 4th weekend. In attendance were a bevy of Gamers, vendors, authors, developers, artists, LARPers, organizers and all manner of creative minds. One such mind among those Gamers… Read More Independent Game Designer Spotlight & Interview: Tom Tiernan