RPG Publisher Spotlight: LPJ Design

Louis Porter Jr. Design
Image Copyright: LPJ Design

Since 2001 the online clearinghouse DriveThruRPG has been providing downloadable content by publishers producing material for a  bevy of genres suitable for all types of games and Gamers. Perhaps one of the most prolific of these publishers is the independent gaming company, LPJ Design, short for Louis Porter Jr. Designwho has carved out a niche for himself by developing a wide variety of action-infused alternative products since before the turn of the century.

In business since 1998 and the only role-playing game that was ‘optioned for a movie‘ before its publication, the independent role-playing company by the self-professed, and eternally self-promoting, Louis Porter Jr. has a dearth of content to suit games of all stripes and tastes. By hiring a diverse and talented pool of artists and writers, LPJ Design has produced literally hundreds of role-playing supplements that span multiple decades and genres.

One of the companies oldest lines of games, Haven: City of Violence, is a modern role-playing setting built around corporate and urban adventures using the d20 Modern rule-set. It’s basic formula, a core campaign setting that goes against the norm featuring lush artwork and action powered stories supplemented by one-off downloadable PDF files is a framework that LPJD has used successfully for most of their other product lines.

It’s an intriguing business model and one that has done the brand a great service. Serializing a core theme around single-shot PDFs, LPJ Design has been able to produce content for over a dozen separate role-playing campaign worlds, each with their own feel and flavor that is both incredibly individualized but also easily adaptable to games taking place in worlds entirely different from their original intent. Churning out these individual pieces has led to products suited for such varied backdrops as the Victorian era days of Shakespeare to one of the other core settings of the company, their futuristic science-fiction and fantasy blended world of Neoexodus: A House Divided.

Image Copyright: Louis Porter Jr. Design

Fully compatible with the Pathfinder core rules, the Neoexodus line follows the world of Exodus that is “a place of political intrigue, arcane wonder, deadly monsters, and dark secrets with infuses the landscape of the world.” Included in the setting are unique races with familiar ties to fantasy troupes like elves and dwarves, but with entirely new playable creatures like the cavian’s, dalrean’s, P’tan’s and others. What makes the setting so unique is its depth of detail, engaging artwork and expansive mechanics that add to the basic rule set. Overall it’s an entirely self-contained world, that carries with it echoes of traditional fantasy into a landscape truly unique. And from the mind of the self-proclaimed mad-man of LPJD, the world has spawned a host of unique artifacts, classes and monsters that rival their traditional counterparts; Infinite Fury, Machinesmith, Fleshwraith, Fleshweaver.

Put all these factors together and you get the basic fundamentals of LPJ Design; innovation and proliferation. Whereas the products themselves may be flying to production, leaving room for some editing here and there, one can’t deny the zeal that accompanies their publication. It’s a desire that has to date spawned four successful Kickstarter projects, hundreds of downloadable content and a host of blog posts – truly a man and company possessed of the will to push Gaming in new directions.

So when you get a chance, why not try out some of LPJ Design’s creations and,

Game Forth!

  • Catch a glimpse of a game of Neoexodus as its being played.
  • An interview with LPJD founder and prolific mad-man, Louis Porter.

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