Wizards of the Coast Submissions – Dragon & Dungeon Magazines

Copyright: Wizards of the Coast

With Spring in the air and the exuberance of the season revving up you might want to take the time to do more than simply cleaning out your closet and planning a vacation or two. You might in fact want to add some more to your already busy schedule and decide to compete for the chance to publish yourself in one of Wizards of the Coast‘s online magazines Dragon and Dungeon.

Twice a year, Wizards opens its electronic doors and accepts submissions for its Role-playing magazines to hopeful authors during two submission windows, the current one runs from April 1st to May 31st. First going to print in the groovy decade of the ’70’s, Dragon which was originally called The Dragon and it’s kid sister publication Dungeon, that was launched in the less groovy ’80’s focus on player and GM material in running Dungeons & Dragon’s scenarios and campaigns. It’s an excellent opportunity to get yourself critiqued by Editors of the company as they, in my experience, give actual and helpful feedback.

With the chance to grace the online pages alongside the likes of Greenwood, Baker and Perkins, the possibility of getting your name out there and part of the Canon of the original, if morphed company that started it all is a heady possibility indeed. And if you’ve got the idea and the dedication to see it through don’t forget to make a post of it, like Will Doyle, whose Glitterdust Adventure, premiered in the February 2013 issue of Dungeon. So if there’s any doubt, dreams, especially pixie dreams do indeed come true!

So when you get a chance, put those creative Spring-time impulses to work, grab your laptop, notebook or graph paper, write, submit and

Game Forth!

If you’ve got any submission stories for Wizards I’d love to hear about them, or link to them!


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