Mini-Con:Dreamnation 2013


Image Copyright: Double Exposure, Inc.

In New Jersey this weekend the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center will be host to the eighteenth annual DREAMNATION; a large gathering of Gamers from throughout the Northeast and beyond. The Convention will have over 700 events for all manner of table-top, board-game, collectible card game, anime, war-game, video-game and Live-action style activities that will appeal to whatever type of obscure or fanciful  desire you hold closest to your heart.

For years the convention has been a Mecca of Gamers throughout the tri-state area looking for cutting-edge events alongside veteran organizers and speakers who gather together for a weekened of nerdom sure to make any die-hard lose sleep for days in a row. The convention comes at a price for a pre-registration Weekend Pass of only a paultry $50.00 USD which grants you access to all the games you are able to sign-up for. At the door-prices jump to $60.00 USD, or less for individual Day Passes. To see a full list of the events happening once you’re signed up just click here. You can sign-up for some events, like the Living Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder games sepearately on the Warhorn website, respectively here and here.

In years past there have been a few hundred Gamers come to this event which has show-cased miniatures and Poker Championship games that draw fierce competition. Vendors and indie publishers are also present that allow newcomers and old-timers to the scene a chance to expand their Gaming knowledge and meet others of a similar passion and mindset.

So if you’re in the Tri-state area this weekend, have a couple bucks to spare and are hungry for some Gaming, head over to the Garden state and

Game Forth!

Some other Conventions Happening this Weekend:


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