A Night of Improv (D&D Style)

Image Copyright: Creek & Cave

About once a month, perhaps when the Moon is high, perhaps not, a small Comedy club located in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens New York, plays host to a particular flavor of Improv-One replete with a Certified Dungeon Master as its Moderator. On these nerdy nights of woe, this small venue of laughs and dinning, known as the Creek & Cave, turns its upstairs venue into a haven of comedic parlance with a flair for the geeky.

A well-established if small-sized linchpin of the New York Comedy scene, which only a month or so ago played host to a drop-in appearance by the legendary Jerry Seinfeld, the Creek & Cave is an eatery and entertainment venue that this year celebrated its decennial. As Long Island City is increasingly being seen as a rising comedy haven for new artists and styles, its no small wonder that the theatre grants performances like the Dungeons & Dragons focused Dungeon Master Show inside her welcoming walls.

The host for the show, a twenty-something Improver, Eric Grundhauser, introduces a small group of changing stand-up comedians whose material is topical to the lifestyle of that of a typical Gamer. The laughs come self-deprecating, self-aggrandizing and with a level of wit that leads to the shows finale; a Dungeons & Dragons themed Improv troupe.

Known as ‘The NPCs’ the Improvers perform quick scenes to the suggestions provided to them by their host, Eric, who bases the material around situations and scenarios all-too familiar to any Gaming aficionado. The NPCs themselves come equipped with paper-slip ‘spells’ they use to cast to humorous effect.

So if you are ever in the vicinity of the budding Long Island community in Queens, and the Moon is right, and you’ve got the itch for a laugh or two, check out Mr. Grundhauser’s stand-up-slash-improv comedy show; Dungeon Master. You’ll laugh your dice off.

Game Forth!

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